A beautiful sunny morning can certainly inspire you, so as we are now over a quarter of the way through the year already it’s a good time to revisit those goals.

Why Review

Ideally, you should review at least monthly, so if you don't now is the time to start.

It’s good to review your goals, look at what has happened, the progress you have made, what has changed, are they still relevant. You may need to adjust them based on your review and it also helps motivate and refocus.

»Is it still relevant, goals are not set in stone, things change, so check;

-are you still able to achieve this goal?

-is it still important to you? If not remove it and set a new one.

»Do you have a good balance of goals for example across; business; health; family and do they fit with your values.

»How are you progressing, you should review your progress regularly, so if you have not reviewed so far now’s a good time to start.

-measure your progress are you where you expected to be?

-are you happy with your progress, if not why not - what needs to change?

»Revisit the plan – if you don’t have a detailed plan of how you are going to achieve, then create one now.

-are your timescales still realistic?

is it proving harder than expected – review plan and take smaller steps

Resources; do you have the necessary resources available, if not seek other help.

Reward yourself – set mini goals weekly or even daily and reward yourself

Are they visible – do you have your goals written down, and somewhere you can see them on a daily basis

Once you have reviewed in detail schedule a slot to review regularly – weekly/monthly (minimum)

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