Top 5 things you need to know about your website and why!
February 10, 2017


Sue Mitchell

You may very well not want to know anything about your website other than “AB Company” takes care of it, I just ask them, and there is nothing wrong with that however it can leave you exposed, so you should be aware of some basic details, and here’s why;

Its Your Business; Your Brand; Your Reputation, quite simply you cannot afford to stick your head in the sand on this one, you need to know what to do if something goes wrong, if you are not happy with your provider, or they go out of business. You don’t need to be techy, but you do need to understand the essentials.

1. Hosting Company - these are the people you pay to provide you with web space, to publish your website in. You need to be able to access this account to change details or should you wish to transfer at any time.

2. eMail Hosting - this is usually the same as your domain hosting company, and you may access your email on their site by logging in directly, however even if you have a domain email (which is highly recommended) you can still use it with Gmail or Outlook.

3. Google Business Listing - You should have this, in Google go-to the Apps and scroll through till you see My Business. Login or Register and create your business profile, when users search in google this will then appear on the right hand side providing details about your company.

4. Google Analytics – Is very powerful and is a must for your Business. If your site was built for you, please make sure you have access to the Google Analytics account so you can view how many visitors you get on your website and loads of other useful information, or at the very least get a regular report.

5. Support Web Hosting Company - How to contact them, account details, what hours of day are they available and what can you expect in terms of response times. If your website is down its not much good if they have a 7 day turnaround.

I have tried to keep this non technical, but you really need to be aware of these things for what in most cases is your most valuable asset.

Check out the my next blog for 5 more things you should know about your website!

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