We looked at the essentials previously but there are a few other things which you should be aware of:

1. Register - Details of all domain names are held on central registers. Nominet is the UK official registry and deals with all .uk; .co.uk; .org.uk; .me.uk; .cymru; .wales.

For other domains, such as .com; .net; .email try www.whois.com

These registries hold the name of the Registrant, address, email, phone together with technical information such as which company registered the domain

2. eMail - It is essential that you know the email address that is held on the register, and by your hosting company. I prefer to use my Hotmail address, so if any problems with the hosting company I can still get verification emails, if I need to make changes. In most cases, you can change the information held on the register and by your hosting company by logging in to your account. Companies such as 1&1; GoDaddy; TSOHost; Fasthosts etc.

3. Website Technology - It helps to be aware what tool was used, for example some providers such as GoDaddy have their own web builder, but you cannot transfer a site that is built in this to another provider. If you are getting your site built find out whether it can be transferred to another hosting company if required.Technologies such as WordPress / Wix can be hosted by different hosting companies.

4. Support for Website Builder - If your site was built for you and there is a problem, what can you expect in terms of response. If you have built the site yourself in Wix or WordPress, then you need to know what support you can expect.

5. Changes - If your site was built for you, are you able to log in and make minor changes, or does everything have to be done by provider.If that is the case, what are they likely to charge for minor changes and how long might they take.

Even if you are “not technical” you need to at least understand how you can get access, and where to go for support. If the worst does happen and you have an issue - its too late!

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