We are constantly bombarded with news of the latest app that will solve all our problems and you probably ignore the vast majority – well perhaps you shouldn’t!

There are some great apps out there these days that actually can make your life easier, whether they be an app for your phone or in that fluffy white www. space we call the Cloud.

This time we look at those apps that can help you get organised

Task Management.

For personal or small team task management, then I'd go with Todoist or Remember the Milk, both have adequate free versions. If you want to get a little more control on the way tasks are displayed and get some fairly useful features then there are paid for plans as well, but they are not going to break the bank at £21.99 per yr. and £32 per yr.*

I’m currently using Remember the Milk (free version) and find it more than meets my needs. You can:-

Create Tasks with start date | due date | priority | add to a list | repeat | location | give to

With built in views for Due Today | Tomorrow | This Week | Given to Others | All as well as many other options for viewing your tasks it’s a great little tool.

It can also send out reminders for due tasks to a variety of platforms, and is available as an App or Via browser, plus other options.

I should add that ToDoist does pretty much the same thing it’s all a question of what suits you.

My advice – definitely worth checking them both out.

Project Management or Working with Teams.

Whilst both of the above apps have the ability to assign a task to ANOther, where you are working with a team on a regular basis then an app designed for projects and teams is your best bet.

Teamwork – Free or £40* per month

Asana – Free or £8* per user per month

Trello – Free or £8*per user per month (when paid annually)

Asana uses Tasks and Projects as does Teamwork to organise, whilst Trello uses Boards and Cards.

As you might expect there are limits to the free versions. In terms of managing tasks within projects and being able to assign them to members of your team they all do a good job. It’s a question of working out which fits with the way you like to work and whether you can work within the free version or you have invest in the paid subscription plans.

For me however I like the layout, the views available and the features of Teamwork, though the free version is limited to two projects.

All are available via Apps or Browser.

*please note prices quoted are approximate based on conversion rate at the time and subject to change.

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