Images Images it's all about images!

This time I'm looking at three great tools for creating images to use in your marketing whether its social media, newsletters or your blogs.


I should confess I love Canva, it’s easy to use has loads of templates that can be used for social media, flyers, certificates, leaflets and just about anything else.

Canva is a web based application with a free version and a paid for option. The free version is more than adequate for most users and has the following features;

Pre-sized templates for a variety of uses

Free Backgrounds

Free Images

Predefined Text layouts

Ability to import your own images

There is not a lot you can’t design with the straight forward to use Canva, use the grids and it will even size your images for you. Changing colours, fonts and transparency to suit, is also easy to do.

The handy templates for social media make it super easy to create your title banners and posts, along with newsletter headers, even gift vouchers and certificates.

The only draw back for me is that the ability to create a brand ie upload your own fonts and store your brand colours is only available in the paid version, you can change colours on each deisgn to your brand but they are not stored so you have to enter the codes each time. The paid version is approx £10 per user a month but it just doesn’t cost in for me. Check out my earlier blog for tips on using canva


PicMonkey is a paid for webservice and mobile app, starting at £4.50 a month (if paid annually). It has much more functionality than Canva, with photo editing, graphic design, collages and templates, and as you would expect you can upload your own fonts and pictures.

If you are in the Marketing or Design industry then I can see the appeal and I know plenty of people use it for that very reason, personally though I don’t find it as easy to use as Canva so for the vast majority of users who just want to create simple graphics and add text to images, then I’d say stick with Canva.

Get Stencil

In some ways Get Stencil is similar to Canva but with some great additional features, such as a collection of built in quotes and access to google web fonts (paid version). You can also upload your own fonts (paid for version) and logos .

There is a free version but it has some limitations as it will only allow you to create up to 10 images a month and covers basic functions, the pro version is approx £6.95 per month when paid annually, and has much of the functionality that the Canva has on its paid for version, though there is a limit of 50 images a month, there is then the unlimited version at approx £13.90 per month (anually). The free version in my opinion struggles to match the functionality that Canva provides in its free version, and for that reason I'd stick with Canva. There is of course nothing to stop you using both Canva and Stencil to have access to more images and backgrounds.

I was lucky enough to get the unlimited plan from AppSumo which sadly is no longer available, if you'd like to purchase click on the logo below.


Why do we need these tools?

The functionality in these apps allow you to create fab looking social media images, great CTA’s (call to action), information graphics, meme’s, newsletter headers and much much more. For social media its all about engagement and images work, for other marketing avtivities, its about attracting your audience, and getting you message across and as they say a picture speaks a thousand words!


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