I’ve made this happen by primarily doing three things in my business:

Outsourcing the daily operations by hiring the right people

Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for routine tasks

Planning the entire year’s content in advance

This has allowed me the freedom to take a business sabbatical (which continues), without affecting the Suitcase Entrepreneur business adversely."

This extract is from an email I received from the "Suitcase Entrepreneur".

This resonated with me, people often ask why did you start your business, and this is one of the reasons. I want to be able to help sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their goals and a fundamental part of this is ensuring that these three things are in place, though number 3 would be just planning!

Whether you want the freedom to concentrate on the aspects of your business you are passionate about, the areas that generate income, or the freedom to have time away from the business, these are absolutely the key areas you need to address.

Outsourcing daily operations

Outsourcing might seem like a daunting proposition; it doesn’t have to be, and is a key part of allowing your business to grow whilst still maintaining a work/life balance. You might find it hard to let go, so be clear about how you like to work, and the tasks you want to outsource. By working together, we can put together a plan that you are comfortable with and that leads to a successful working partnership.

Standard Processes

This would-be number 1 for me as processes are key to any business regardless of size, and are an essential part of understanding how you work and where your strengths and weaknesses are. A clear set of processes also ensures that your business operates in a consistent and efficient manor, and is ready to deal with all eventualities. It can also be a legislative requirement, whether it be health and safety or Data Protection.


To reach your goals all businesses regardless of size should have a business plan as a minimum, and each key area should have a more detailed plan. Marketing for example should be mapped out for the year, with campaigns planned around key sales periods, as part of this social media should be planned and content researched and collated in advance, though it should always remain flexible to react to events/changes in your market place.

Having plans in place allow you to build contingency into your business, help you to identify tasks that can be outsourced and allow you to focus on taking your business to the next level.

If you want help with planning, processes or any aspect of outsourcing please get in touch.

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