ever get that feeling........

"Time has nothing to show because time won't give me time"

The words rang out on the radio as I was doing the school run the other day, coincidently no more than half an hour earlier I’d been reading a blog “Money isn’t the most important thing in the world your time is” or is it? The article goes on to argue that it is not so much the hours in the day but how we use them.

That I can relate to, since becoming self-employed, there have been days where I have had time to spare and plenty of things I could be doing, but with no targets, or deadlines to answer to I’d be the first to admit I’ve probably not made the best use of that time. It is not just work time either, one of the reasons for being self-employed was to spend more time with the family which I do but I know I am guilty of not making the most of that time, it is not quality time.

I am not alone here, there is much written these days about work-life balance, but I’d argue that it is not just about having more time with the family and for yourself but what you do with that time.  For example, two hours undertaking an activity with the family that you all enjoy is probably better than half a day or even more where you have the time but don’t actually do anything with it!

The same goes for work unless your time is productive its wasted time, and you’d be hard pushed to argue that you don’t have at least some time during the day that’s not wasted!

So why did it feel like the universe was trying to tell me something and these words really resonated with me, two reasons;

1. I'd fallen off the wagon, knowing what you need to do and doing it, as we all know is not always that straightforward, call it being complacent, or having a little time to spare, and I've become less productive, I need deadlines and targets to focus on!

2. I deal in time every day, although I provide a service;  what I actually provide to Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners is time!  So they can invest their time in their business, but for it to a be a true investment you have to understand where you spend your time and where it could be used more productively.  It has to be planned and used wisely, only then should you invest in time.

So what is quality time and how do you make “time give you time?”

Like most if I have a deadline or a target I am more productive, I will just crack on and do it, whereas on the other hand if I don’t set a deadline or target its all too easy to get to the end of the day and have achieved very little, other than turning procrastination into an art form and  wasting time on social media.

Quality time is achieved when you have a purpose and achieve it in that time, whether at work or at home, in reality however the only way you can make time give you time,  is invest your time in doing what you do best and invest in support to take on those other tasks that take a disproportionate amount of your time....

Being more productive;
1.    Understand how you spend your time – keep a log for a week and note where your time is spent, what you wanted to achieve and what you actually achieved.
2.    Set your self one main goal for the day and 2 or 3 mini-tasks you want to achieve
3.    Emails – Action it (if it is going to take a couple of mins), Schedule it (if longer), Bin it.
4.    Schedule time slots for spending on social media and reviewing emails
5.    Schedule time for phone calls – batch them together
6.    Try and book meetings so they are in batches
7.    Review at the end of the day what you have achieved

Once you fully understand where your time goes, then look at how much time you spend on generating revenue, as opposed to time spent on running the business. There is no magic formula, or right and wrong here it’s a judgement call, if you feel like you have no time to spend on your business to generate revenue, and you have had a serious look at where your time goes, then get in touch and we can discuss areas that you might  be able to outsource.

Remember investing in a VA is an investment in your business!


Time (Clock of the Heart) Culture Club
Ooh in time it could have been so much more
The time is precious I know
In time it could have been so much more
The time has nothing to show because
Time won't give me time and
Time makes lovers feel like they've got something real
But you and me we know they've got nothing but time
And time won't give me time, won't give me time (time, time, time)

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