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Networking - do you love it? or hate it!

I knew when I started my own Business that networking was going to have to feature, it is not something I relish but after a year I think I’m starting to feel more at ease. I remember all too well bumbling my way through 30 sec intro's many a time in that first year. Recently […]

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Using Images on Your Social Media and Website

I stumbled upon the wonderful world of image licensing just over a year ago and I certainly do not profess to understand it now, however I decided to choose this as a topic as I fear there are many self-employed and small business owners, who have paid little attention to this subject and could only […]

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What can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant

In reality, with the advances in technology, you can pretty much outsource anything to a VA, however you should give it some serious thought, and identify exactly what you are going to outsource, and how you want it to work. What processes are you both going to use? Most VA’s will help you through this process helping you to […]

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Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are many documented benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant, check out the links below for more information, I wanted to show a slightly different take on things as we often get asked about hourly rates. This is not about justifying rates, as professionals providing a high level of service, we shouldn’t have to, I […]

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Top Tips for a Productive Day

Goals - before looking at how to be more productive ensure you have set your goals for the year/month. Daily Plan; take some time ideally first thing in the morning to identify the most important tasks for the day to achieve your goals, this should be 2/3 tasks at most Identify; work out when your […]

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What is a VA? (Virtual Assistant)

The term VA or Virtual Assistant is still a relatively new in the UK though they have been around for about 15 years, the Wikipedia definition is simple enough “a self-employed person providing a professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely generally from a home office”. They are independent contractors so clients do […]

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Goals - What are they and why do we need them?

I’ve never been one for goal setting, I’ve always had lists and plans; to do lists for the daily tasks and maybe a plan for longer term projects, I even started using mind maps for the longer term more involved pieces of work, which is another tool I said I’d never use but that’s a […]

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