I’ve never been one for goal setting, I’ve always had lists and plans; to do lists for the daily tasks and maybe a plan for longer term projects, I even started using mind maps for the longer term more involved pieces of work, which is another tool I said I’d never use but that’s a different story…

Goals, I guess when you work for a company, they don’t really talk in terms of goals, yes you might have objectives and tasks you need to achieve, but in 20+ years of working for big companies’ goal setting just wasn’t something I came across.

Life as a self-employed person, however, has exposed me to goals. I’ve attended a few workshops and network meetings, where the guest speaker spoke about goals, and how much easier it was to achieve something if you set yourself a goal, I was pretty sceptical and pretty much disregarded at first.

As an Ambassador for Tropic Skin Care, my Manager and pretty much everyone around spoke about the importance of goals, and with my own business I heard more and more people referring to goals and talks they’d had from business coaches, but still, I dismissed. Even when attending a session with a very well-known business coach and other successful business women learning about how they’d increased their client base and income by setting those goals! I didn’t take it on board.

Somewhere this last year though, I started to notice that these people who set themselves goals were achieving them. They were gaining more clients, they were winning a 6* holiday, they were running a half marathon, whichever way I looked at it, setting Goals was working. So Why?


But they don’t work on their own!

In essence, they are the milestones in a plan so whether you set goals for your week, month or even year you need a plan of how you are going to achieve them.

  1. Set your goals
  2. Make sure you don’t just focus on work think about personal goals as well
  3. Ensure they are SMART
  4. Identify daily tasks that you need to take to achieve those goals
  5. Review tasks daily and goals weekly – identify what works and what doesn’t

Whatever your plan it won’t work unless you review progress, a quick review daily is a good idea, a weekly review essential to keep you on track and look at what has gone well and what not so.

So I’m now a believer in goals and I am currently working on mine for 2016. Perhaps I should update you on how I get on at the end of next year, that’s my commitment to Goals!

Notes: there’s a host of information out there on goals I found these useful, but most of all look out for networking events and business events where guest speakers are business or life coaches and you’re sure to hear about it first hand.

Goal Settings

Mind Tools

Goals on Track


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