Learning Management Systems and Membership sItes
Whether you are a coach, health & wellbeing practitioner, trainer, getting your content online is an essential part of todays markets, from memberhip sites to online courses

Your Investment
Complete Build including configuration, integration, testing and loading of content 

Learning Management Sytems from £600 

Membership Sites in Wordpress from £300

 (quote will be given before build commencement and varies depending on the number of integrations amount and nature of content).

Configuration, Integration and testing
Systems Integration
Most of us have a website and mailing system but are they joined up, do you accept payments, does your payment system talk to your mailing system, what ever backend systems you use, they can be much more effective if they are talking to each other.  Whether its data migrations or systems integration, I can help you get the most from them.

Your Investment
Click Funnels
Need help building your funnel, and making it work with your mailing systems and payment gateway.  Providing all the support you need to build, integrate and test your funnel.
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Digital Marketing
Whatever system you use, I provide support with the creation of your campaigns, auto responders, and al other aspects of your mailing system.
Initial Set up including, data import, tagging, one email template
Monthly Newsletter based on template

can also be part of monthly retainer
Customer Support
Supporting your Customers in their online journey, access issues, queries, missing emails ensure your customers get the support they deserve.
  Level ~ upto .
Online Business Manager
Providing you with the support you need, when you need it, whether its a combination of the above services, sorting out your processes, support from an experienced project manager, or someone to discuss ideas with.  I am on hand to support you in your business allowing you to delegate tasks and become more efficient in your business
Your Investment
Monthyl retainer.
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